Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pod Mods

As perfect as the Pod is, as we all know there is always room for improvement!

We've been reading up a lot over at the R-Pod Owners Forum and I came across some really great, simple ideas for sprucing up the interior.  I chose a few of my favorites and they were extremely affordable and easy.

1.)  The sink cover hanger thingy:

 This was a mod that immediately caught my eye.  The sink cover is great - when you're not using the sink, it gives you more work space.  But what to do with it when the sink is in use?  A simple Command hook stuck to the wall and voila - problem solved.  Command hooks come in all kinds of colors but I really like the look of the faux brushed nickel one I found here on Amazon.

2.)  The velcroed wall clock:

Not a necessity, but why not?  It looks pretty!  The trick here is to make sure you buy a clock that doesn't weigh much.  The one I got (can be purchased here) is so light it probably weighs less than a frisbee.  Attach a few velcro circles to the back and to the wall, and now you've got a wall clock that stays put and at the same time allows for you to change the batteries when necessary.

3.)  The wall mounted glow in the dark toothbrush holder:

I like this one so much I might get a couple for the house!  I can't stand keeping our toothbrushes in plastic bags and stuff when we camp.  It grosses me out.  This little miracle is super cheap and equally as handy.  The backing is double sided tape and sticks right to the wall.  Yet another Amazon purchase and can be found here.

4.)  The over the door towel rack:

I have a love/hate relationship with this one.  I just really wanted a place to hang towels so we wouldn't need to store them.  This rack does the trick and fits the door great, but one thing I didn't take into consideration was that it sticks out from the door about 3-4 inches.  No problem in a regular bathroom but the Pod's bathroom is only about 24 inches wide to begin with.  It's a tight squeeze and now it's even tighter. We'll see how it all plays out the first time one of us tries to shower.  I'm thinking we can either leave the door open and pull the curtain across or just turn the rack around while we're in there so it's on the outside of the door.

5.) The all stainless steel appliances, center island and granite counter top kitchen make over!!

Just kidding... ;)


  1. Ha Ha, I want to see the finished trailer when you add the granite counter top in the kitchen. You truly will have a one of a kind !

  2. Stealing some of these for home!!!! Including the granite! Just kidding here too!

  3. Congrats on your new Pod!We just made our purchase yesterday on a 172 and I'm already decorating it in my mind! I long for those granite countertops too!

  4. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. We are receiving our new rpod 176t this week and I'm very excited. We are going to MA and Maine in just two short weeks. I wanted to know how your first summer was with the rpod. Was it everything you hoped it would be? Are you still in love?

    1. Hi Sandy! Though the blog has not been updated recently we are still actively camping - and LOVING our R-Pod! We just got back today from a 3 day weekend at Tolland State Forest in MA. It's by far our favorite place thus far. The Pod happily accommodates our family of 4 without hookups - please let me know how your trips go, would love to hear how you are enjoying it!